Pilot projects

ihGeo has implemented two thematic pilot projects that map important aspects of Islamic history with the help of a web-based Geographic Information System, and is currently establishing a historical WebGIS baselayer. Alpha versions have been achieved in January 2016 and are constantly being improved for open-access publication in the near future. Moreover, practical classes taught at Tübingen result in historical geo-databases to be mapped on this basis.

Project grant proposals




Having started in late 2014, ihGeo has been funded during its initial phase by the University of Tübingen’s Institutional Strategy (ZUK 63), Exploration Fund 2014–2016, in the framework of the German Universities Excellence Initiative (German Research Foundation). A subsequent funding proposal concerning the project Mamâlik is presently being prepared.


The team is part of the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, Department of Oriental and Islamic Studies, University of Tübingen.


Associate investigator